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Do you know what your carbon footprint is?

The average person in the UK has a footprint of approximately 2.36 tonnes of carbon due to home energy use and waste

How do you shape up?

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It's time to take action

  • Released amount of carbon


    Tonnes of CO2
  • Every year, the UK population releases nearly 157 million tonnes of carbon due to home energy use and waste

  • amount of melted sea ice


  • That carbon heats up our planet enough to melt over 470km2 of Arctic sea ice cover

Want to do something about it?

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We've got a plan

Our Carbon Tracker helps you understand how you fit into the bigger picture of global heating.

  • See your carbon footprint

    See your carbon footprint

    By answering quick questions about your home and travel.

  • Understand your impact

    Understand your impact

    By comparing your footprint to the UK household average.

  • Learn how to shrink it

    Learn how to shrink it

    With small suggestions to help you gently tweak your lifestyle.

Knowledge is power. Ready to get started?

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We're in this together

With thousands of OVO members making small changes, we can create powerful change.

  • 1,000,000+

    OVO Members fighting the climate crisis

  • 48,865

    tonnes of carbon being saved by our green customers

There's power in numbers.
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